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Coaching for Powerful Leadership

Effective leadership depends on your ability to guide and influence the people in your organization. Nurturing trusted relationships and providing direction every day can be challenging. As a result, leadership requires you to tend to your own development, a process many leaders struggle with.

Our work together focuses on elegantly bringing together 5 key skills to tackle the most pressing challenges of your organization.

The 5 Elements of Powerful Leadership

The power in your leadership is based on:

  1. Your Vision - a critical source of resilience.

  2. Your Compassion - to generate value, build trust and cultivate well-being.

  3. Your Equanimity - a capacity to manage stress, enhance decision making and empower people to contribute.

  4. Your Authenticity - your anchor to steering change and accessing ease and flow.

  5. Your Growth Mindset - as a key enabler of innovation, greater business acumen and higher engagement in you and your people.

Learn more HERE about the 5 Elements of Powerful Leadership.

What to expect

  • 6 or 12 months coaching engagements.

  • Sessions every two weeks.

  • Additional contact on an as-needed basis.

  • Sessions in person or online.



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This coaching process has positioned me to lead a deep transformation in the organization through an genuine encounter with my purpose, the development of a perspective that integrates different visions and the tools to execute change.


Leadership development

Research shows that leaders, in a similar way to children, can develop towards progressively more complex, capable and free ways of functioning.

However, while development in children generally happens ‘spontaneously’, leadership development, beyond a certain stage, requires the active and intentional engagement of the leader. As a result, only a small fraction of leaders reach the higher stages of leadership development. Continuing to develop is one of the greatest opportunities for a leader.

Coaching for Powerful Leadership will grow your capacity to imagine and bring into form new, transformative ways of creating value for your clients, organization and people, as well as for the wider society and environment.


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It is a consistent mark of the DDOs (Deliberately Developmental Organizations) we studied that the senior people are as deeply engaged in the personal growth journey as the newest hires. Working.
— Robert Kegan, Harvard Graduate School of Education