Mindfulness for Organizations

One way to boost our will power and focus is to manage our distractions, instead of letting them manage us.
— Daniel Goleman

Benefits of Mindfulness in an organizational context:

  • Increased productivity through more stable and focused attention

  • Better work climate due to reduced stress levels

  • Higher capacity to face difficult situations thanks to better emotional regulation and more skillful communication

Mindfulness for Organizations offers:

  • Introductory talks and workshops

  • Workshops and courses for immersion

  • Strategies to integrate mindfulness into your company’s culture


Interested in bringing mindfulness to your organization?

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A group of 15 people took the 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction course with Alex. Having finished the course, we can say that we grew closer relationships and that we acquired tools that have allowed us to navigate a period of change at the company in a more skillful way. Additionally, the work climate was positively impacted and the growth as human beings in each of us is evident.
— Alejandro V., president, company oil & gas sector