The 5 Elements of Powerful Leadership


1. Vision

Your Powerful Leadership is grounded in the ability to formulate and sustain a robust and durable vision sourced from your intention to meaningfully contribute to a greater cause. By clarifying and deepening your intention and vision, our coaching program grows your ability to rely on them as critical sources of resilience to navigate challenges in your organization and marketplace.

2. Compassion

Compassion is at the heart of your Powerful Leadership's ability to effectively and sustainably inquire into how to generate greater value for your organization, the people reporting to you, as well as the market, communities and culture beyond your organization. By deepening your capacity for compassion and care, we also strengthen your ability to build trust and loyalty around you, while providing a reliable source of well-being and satisfaction that fortifies you from the ongoing stress of leading.

3. Equanimity

Your Powerful Leadership is characterized by a presence that is open, centered and in balance. By cultivating your equanimity, we build skills to manage stress more effectively and enhance mental flexibility and agility for clear-sighted decision making, even when under pressure. Your more grounded presence empowers the people around you to contribute more freely, enabling you to harness more of your organization’s potential.

4. Authenticity

Authenticity involves you being more you. Not the more reactive and limited you, but the increasingly resourced and capable you. Our coaching around your authentic leadership helps you listen better, provide better and more candid feedback, and hold yourself and others accountable with more precision and consistency. It helps you to more readily ask for help and admit mistakes and limitations, and thus to stimulate better and more collaborative problem solving. It allows you to leverage vulnerabilities to generate more trustable and valuable relationships. Your power of authenticity is your rudder for steering culture change and is a gateway for your leadership to find ease and flow.

5. Growth Mindset

Your Powerful Leadership facilitates robust learning and growth through a balance of support and challenge. Here our coaching methods enhance your growth mindset to leverage risk taking and the potential creative energy of organizational conflicts as powerful opportunities for putting learning and development —both your own and that of the people around you— to work, so that you can harvest more innovation, better discernment, greater business acumen and higher engagement.